GDi ATLAS Buildings


GDi GISDATA developed a series of 3D building models covering all major cities in the region. 3D building models consist of building models for urban areas which are represented by polygons of city buildings where every element has absolute and relative height of the building. GDi ATLAS Buildings is data product which enables users to add 3D information to their GIS data – which is essential for specific applications like telecommunication network planning, urban development, environmental studies, simulation and training for military or aviation purposes, urban planning, civil applications and cartography.

  • GDi ATLAS Buildings LOD1
  • GDi ATLAS Buildings LOD2

Coverage: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Osijek, Velika Gorica, Opatija, Dubrovnik.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • GDi ATLAS Buildings LOD1

Coverage: Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Zenica, Brcko and Bijeljina, Doboj, Prijedor, Gradiska, Trebinje, Derventa, Foca, Zvornik, Novi Grad and Bihac.


  • GDi ATLAS Buildings LOD1

Coverage: Skopje.